Operation EMS Future


At all times, Operation EMS: Dajabon requires essential supplies and equipment so our partners in Dajabon can continue to save lives.  We are looking at bigger donations (vehicles, medical devices and diagnostics, etc.), but sometimes the little things make a huge difference.  Please contact us about larger donations, but Waves will accept donations of any of the following at any time.  The need is urgent and dire.

2x2 gauze, 4x4 gauze, 5x9 gauze, Trauma Dressing, Vaseline Gauze, Kling/Roller Gauze – Assorted size, Eye Patch, Tape, 
Trauma Shears, Splints – padded boards, Ace Bandage Wraps, Pen lights, Sterile gloves, Nitrile gloves, OB KITS, CPR Mask, Nasal Airway, Chest Seals, Lidocaine Jelly, Burn Cream, First Aid Cream, Cravats, Slings, Air Casts, Ortho Glass Splint, Casting Supplies, Cervical spine collars, Slings, Braces, Emesis basins, Abdominal pads, Steri-strips, Alcohol pads, Hemostatic gauze, Stethescopes, Blood pressure cuffs

As we strive to continue progress, the future looks very bright.  We will continue to evolve our strategic partnership with the Dominican Red Cross, Dajabon Hospital, and the Dominican Border patrol.  Additionally, we have initiated a collaboration with another NGO named Trek Medics and will work to implement their Beacon text-based 911 system in Dajabon.  Based on our success so far and data we’ve collected, we are actively seeking grants and donations for EMS supplies and equipment.  We are also developing collaborations with Emergency Medicine teaching hospitals and programs.