"What we do is provide primary care to people who need it, primarily in the province of Dajabon, DR, but we'd also like to spread the reach of our health clinics. In 2015, we were able to expand our care point areas into the communities surrounding Restauraccion. As a medical outreach organization, our volunteer health professionals are constantly searching for novel and applicable ways to better serve our patients and increase our global effectiveness. For example, in Dajabon, DR, on the most recent trip our EMS squad held three training sessions with the local first responders. We are actively developing relationships in underserved areas and searching for communities in need of our unique and distinct capabilities. As a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, we welcome any and all support and are always looking to strengthen our teams and effectiveness through committed volunteers and friends, but our people in the field also need the necessary supplies to do what they do best.

Our goals this year are to bolster our formulary to include more critically needed medications, increase our wound care supplies, invest in testing and monitoring equipment to expand the health issues we can effectively treat, and purchase medication storage bins to maintain drugs safety and efficacy. By supporting the Waves of Health benefit, you can help us reach those goals while we continue providing healthcare to communities where it's a necessity.

To aid the cause a group of 14 volunteers and I will be working towards raising “$20,000” to make this a year ONE for the record books. The number sounds huge but with support and advocates like yourself this goal is attainable. For the next 5 weeks we will holding various events including “Paint and Palette,” “Zumbathon” and “Haircuts for the Cause.” While this is only the tip of the iceberg there is so much more to be done and could really use your support. " --Michael Tinglin

3 Teams of Volunteers are competing to raise $20,000 collectively. To support your favorite team, click on the Team Name and Donate!!! 

Team Tinglin 

Pharmacists/ PA/ Photographer
Michael Tinglin
Tonia Neshiewat
Dalal Neshiewat
Erin Marthedal
Michelle Canvisser

Team Barbosa

Nurses and NPs
Jessica Barbosa
Linda Butterline
Anna-Marie Matos
Kelly Kreis
Maria Suarez

Team Bara-Saharig

Triage/ Nurses/ EMS
Cecilia Bara-Saharig
Merisela Zeca
Noel Saharig
Marsil Suriel
Rina Rusillo