Welcome back to our amazing volunteers as the Spring ‘19 mission is completed.  The next mission to Uganda is January 18-27, 2019 and the Fall ‘19 mission to Dajabon is November 2-10, 2019!


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2,000 pairs of Bombas Socks Donated in 2019.

Bombas, a sock company with a mission to give back, was able to donate 2,000 pairs of socks to Waves of Health this year. On the Spring 2019 Medical Mission to Dajabon and Restauracion, our volunteers gave out socks to patients in need. We would like to thank Bombas for their generous donation and hope to continue this wonderful partnership through giving back to the communities we serve.

November 2018

November 2018



Our medical supplies were shipped down to the DR for our next mission in april. thank you to all of the volunteers that helped pack and ship everything! 

Waves of Health just returned from another successful mission back in November. Please enjoy a few of the images of our volunteers working hard to provide medical care to the patients of the Dominican Republic. Visit the "Missions" page to learn more about what our volunteers accomplished on this trip.

Medical Mission to Dajabon and Restauracion completed of Spring 2016.  Over 2000 patients seen and treated, reading glasses dispensed to patients over 40, all children and young women given vitamins and first responders trained.  Thank you to all volunteers, our sponsors and partners.. A special thanks to the Metz family of Dajabon for their hospitality and logistical skill.   Next Mission will be November 2016.

Our 7th Annual Benefit Dinner for the Waves of Health on March 5, 2016 was a success. We thank you all for your hard work and constant support to make this organization what it is today. We would like to recognize all of our award recipients for their dedication to the success of Waves of Health and would like to congratulate Jessica Barbosa, APN on being our Volunteer of the Year and Cecilia Bara-Saharig on being our Humanitarian of the Year.

Waves of Health Helps Establish EMS System in Dominican Republic

Paramedic Neel Mehta, NRP, NJMICP, can be thousands of miles away from the Dominican Republic, but he still sees the faces of some of the lives he’s touched while working there on medical missions.

“On our first trip in April 2012, we had a very sick baby—less than a month old—who almost died,” Mehta says. “She presented with advanced malaise and was febrile. The hospital had told her mother, ‘You don’t have the money, we aren’t treating you here.’ After some of our board members were able to arrange a car rental, one of our doctors took her to the capital. The baby ended up living. But, I can tell you, I can close my eyes and picture two or three people, I’m sure, they’re gone because of whichever medical condition they had.”

Mehta doesn’t dwell on the lives lost, nor does fellow paramedic Keith Shipley, NREMT-P. Instead, they focus on the lives they’ve helped and how they can help more. Mehta and Shipley are two of dozens of volunteers at Waves of Health who’ve been making the trip to the Dajabon region of the Dominican Republic to provide healthcare. Waves of Health was created in 2007 by Clayton Everline, MD, and organized by Suraj Saggar, MD; Kate Hanify, MD; Humberto Jimenez, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP; and Chris Boni, MD. Everline, then in his last year of residency at Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, N.J., wanted to help those less fortunate. To read the rest of the article Click Here. 

Waves of Health Fall 2015 Mission: COMPLETE

During the Fall 2015 Mission, the Waves of Health medical volunteers evaluated and treated about 1200 patients. On this mission 100 pairs of reading glasses were dispensed to those in need as well as over 500 pairs of flip-flops for people of all ages. We would like to give a big thanks to all of the volunteers that helped to prepare for this trip, as well as everyone who was able to travel to the Dominican Republic during this mission! Everyone did an amazing job as always.

Awareness for Safe Sexual Behaviors

In July 2015, Waves of Health collaborated with the organization Al Batey Rep. Dom. on a campaign to promote safe sex practices, disseminate education on sexual transmitted infections and distribute thousand of condoms.  The event took place in three bateys (work camp communities) in the Monte Plata province of Dominican Republic: Sabana Larga, Batey Nuevo and Batey La Construcción.  The event was coordinated by Euclides Cordero Nuel, a student of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo.  As an adolescent, Euclides participated in Waves of Health's first mission in 2007 as an translator for many of the Creole-speaking members of his and neighboring communities.  He has since participated in several medical missions with our organization.  Euclides was joined by Juan Alberto Antuam, Michael Sentilis and Anderson Sentilis.  The event reached about 420 people, dispelling urban myths on sex and transmittable diseases and answering questions on reproductive health. It was very well received, with another event being planned.